Sony RAW Driver

Sony RAW Driver

Displays RAW data files from SONY devices on supports Windows versions
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Loads SONY RAW files in different formats (ARW/SR2/SRF) and shows their content on various versions of Windows. Transfers these files from the Cybershot products, "α" series, and Handycams. Enhances the Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery to display these files.

Sony RAW Driver is a simple and handy program created to allow displaying Sony RAW data (ARW/SR2/SRF files) on Windows Vista/Windows 7.
By installing this program, you can display the RAW data on Explorer or Photo Gallery in Windows Vista/Windows 7 in the same way as JPEG files.

Sony RAW Driver is freeware.

Sony RAW Driver - neat, handy, simple and free tool that will allow displaying Sony RAW data (ARW/SR2/SRF files) on Windows Vista/Windows 7.

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